How to book accommodation?

With just a few simple steps you can book your accommodation direct from your home,wherever you are in the world.The following steps will help you how to successfully reserve accommodation from our offers.

1. Searching accommodation

To find the best accommodation for your needs,You can use our search options on the page.You can search by category, area, distance from the center, lake or bus station, price.The form for this type of search is located in the left upper corner of each page.

Another type of search is a search by using the map.All you need to do is click the menu "Search accommodation" and select the property that you like.

2. Choice of accommodation

In order making it easier to choose the object that match your needs we provide a lot of information for each of the accommodations.For each object will find a detailed description, a lot of photographs and precise location on a map.

For each property you will find information about accommodation units (rooms or apartments in the building).For each of the accommodation units at your have type, price, additional information and the number of such units.

Once you select the accommodation that you choose (can be more than one) select the number of such units.In the upper section select the date of arrival and departure and the number of adult persons and children and click "Book accommodation"

3. Calculating prices and checking availability

After pressing the button "Book accommodation" you are redirected to another page which is a detailed description of your choice (location, arrival, departure, number of adults, number of children, number of nights)and a detailed calculation of the total cost.Just below this information is a form for entering your personal data used exclusively to contact you.Fields marked with * are required.
After completing the form click on the button "Book accommodation".You will get a message that your reservation request is reviewed by our operators, you will receive details of your e-mail address.

4. Confirmation for reservation

Once we receive your reservation request, our operators will check the availability of accommodation.Maximum time for this examination is 24 hours, but usually takes much shorter.If the booking is confirmed we will send you e-mail (notification of availability), reservation information, and link to pay the reservation.The payment you need to make is allowances in the amount a percentage of the total, the rest amount you pay on arrival at the accommodation.By pressing the "Pay reservation" button you will be diverted to form for payment.

5. Payment for booking

Payment of reservation are made exclusively online, by entering your info from your payment card.Payment processing is done through the International card systems - CaSys,which guarantee reliability.To verify the validity of CaSys you can see their certificates.System except, MasterCard and VISA cards accepted and other types of payment cards.

After making the reservation, on your e-mail address will receive confirmation,together with info about the person who manages the accommodation, the location of the accommodation and the ID number for your reservation. After this, reservation has been successfully realized.